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Not Accepting New Questions

Sorry, we're a little busy right now...

We know… you're super keen to ask a question, and rest assured, we're just as keen to try and help you!

But if we take any more questions right now,then our yak isn't going to get shaved ! (See here if you dont know what yak shaving is)

Seriously though...we do this to try provide the best service we can to you, and to the Oracle community. We'd hate you to ask a question and have to wait weeks or months or years before we got around to answering it for you ?

So we keep a limit on the number of outstanding questions, so we can be as efficient and as helpful to all of you as we can.

Maybe try the Search option, to see if there a similar questions to you, or please check back again soon.

Now excuse us for a bit .. we need to get back to our yak.