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About Ask TOM

History of AskTOM

Welcome to Ask The Oracle Mentors (or AskTOM for short), where you get definitive answers for your Oracle questions from experts that work directly on the database products within Oracle Corporation.

Ask TOM is an on-line repository of over 21,600 questions and answers that have been answered by the Ask TOM team. This content covers many topics related to building applications on top of Oracle Database. Ask TOM one of the leading sites online to learn about Oracle Database, so if you have a question about Oracle Database that you can't solve yourself, be sure to ask it here!

The Ask TOM concept was born nearly two decades ago. Since then, thousands of Oracle Database technologists have thrived on the content within the site. Naturally, Ask TOM is written in Oracle's own Application Express. The ease and flexibility of Application Express makes it easy to expand the site to better cater for the needs and requirements of the Oracle community.

The original founder of the Ask TOM site, Tom Kyte has now retired, but of course, the hundreds of thousands of developers who benefit from Ask TOM still have questions, so Ask TOM continues today, and we have a new expanded team. Two members of the Oracle Advocates team, Chris Saxon and Connor McDonald bring their decades of database expertise to the fold to help you get your jobs done and deepen your expertise.

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