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  • Establishing an initial connection can take an extraordinary amount of time.


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Connor McDonald

Thanks for the question, KEN.

Asked: February 16, 2021 - 11:39 pm UTC

Last updated: February 26, 2021 - 3:49 am UTC

Version: Oracle 12c R2 and 18c

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You Asked

Since the Oracle server has upgraded from Oracle 12.1 to 12.2. We notice the client's initial connection to Oracle server can take an extraordinary amount of time (up to a min). I also see it does happen on Oracle 18c server as well. Is it something relate to ORacle change their connection Encryption?

and we said...

Encrypted connections are documented as being slower in 12c and above due to increased key length, as per MOS note 2407921.1, but this is in the range of going from 200ms to 500-600ms.

*Definitely* not up to a minute.

I would add the following to your client side sqlnet.ora to get a trace


and then log a call with Support.

Common issues involve it not correctly resolving host names etc, and thus it starts broadcasting far and wide for a name server etc. But a trace should reveal exactly the cause.


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Trace file created

KEN CHAN, February 23, 2021 - 10:47 pm UTC

Hi, Thanks for your comment. It is very useful. I did the trace, the log file containing lots of information. But I do notice there are two periods nothing report in the trace file (1 min and 10 seconds). Please see below

-- 1 min
(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:34:30:732] nau_fad: searching for "NTS" adapter
(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:34:30:732] nau_fad: supported adapter: "KERBEROS5"
(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:34:30:732] nau_fad: supported adapter: "NTS"
(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:34:30:732] nau_fad: exit
(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:34:30:732] naunts: entry
(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:34:30:732] naunts5: entry
(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:34:30:732] naunts5: no_ntlm is 0
(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:35:36:027] naunts5: Using old logic to determine package.

(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:35:36:027] naunts5: exit
(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:35:36:027] naunts: exit
(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:35:36:027] nauninit: entry
(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:35:36:027] naun5init: entry
(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:35:36:027] naun5init: Connection type is: 0
(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:35:36:027] naun5init: exit
(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:35:36:027] nauninit: exit

-- 10 seconds
(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:35:36:073] nsbrfr: normal exit
(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:35:36:073] nsbrfr: entry
(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:35:36:073] nsbrfr: nsbfs at 0x2cea4f8, data at 0x688d540.
(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:35:36:073] nsbrfr: normal exit
(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:35:36:073] nsbfrfl: normal exit
(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:35:36:073] nigtrm: Count in the NL global area is now 1
(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:35:47:607] nigini: entry
(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:35:47:607] nigini: Count in the NL global area is now 2

(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:35:47:607] nigini: Count in NI gbl area now: 2
(11028) [24-FEB-2021 09:35:47:607] nigini: exit

Can you see any problem.
Connor McDonald
February 25, 2021 - 5:45 am UTC

Seeing as it looks related to NTS, perhaps try


in sqlnet.ora

authentication methods

KEN CHAN, February 25, 2021 - 6:22 am UTC

Thanks. It does work. Is it mean there is something wrong with Windows NT native authentication?
Connor McDonald
February 26, 2021 - 3:49 am UTC

It means something is going wrong between Oracle and OS

(I use NTS here on my local machine and its instant)

I think you'd need to speak to Support to get full network layer expertise on that

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