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  • Cannot Upload git-upload-pack error while cloning Azure Git Repository


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Connor McDonald

Thanks for the question, Neeha Rathna.

Asked: May 12, 2022 - 6:53 am UTC

Last updated: May 16, 2022 - 2:42 am UTC


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Background and Requirement - I am working for a firm that uses Oracle SQL Developer for Data Cleaning and Manipulation of the data residing in the Oracle Database. We use Microsoft Azure for complete lifecycle management and work planning. So, we decided to use an Azure-hosted cloud Git Repository to host our code remotely and leverage its version control capabilities. We have a Git repository on Azure and are trying to clone the same in Oracle SQL Developer.

Steps followed to fulfill the requirement - The following steps were followed for cloning the existing remote repository in Oracle SQL Developer.
1. Go to Teams Menu.
2. Hover over Git.
3. Select Clone option.
4. After the Clone from Git wizard opens up, entered the correct Repository URL, Username and password.
5. We work on a VPN so, I have set the corresponding proxy settings too. When testing the proxy, it gives a success message. (So, no issue in the proxy settings)
6. Click next to fetch remote repository branches. An error appears at this stage.

Error that occured - A popup with the title Validation failed and the content as https:// <remote repo url>/_git/<remote repo name>:cannot open git-upload-pack appears.

Troubleshooting Methods Tried - The following troubleshooting methods have been tried.
1. A lot of troubleshooting methods online suggested that the Local git config has sslVerify set to false could help. Did that, no gain.
2. Tried cloning my personal git repository to test the working of the Git integration on Oracle SQL Developer. It was able to successfully fetch the remote branches. Hence, the error is coming up only while cloning an Azure Repository.
3. Looked at almost all the solution links online, but most of them were for Eclipse. Since both Eclipse and SQL Developer are Java-based applications, I tried doing those resolutions but most of them are regarding SSL Verify setting to false.

At the end I have raised the issue here. Hoping to find some help here.

Thanks in advance.

and Connor said...

Blaine Carter did this demo a while back - see if that helps, or it you are deviating from it.

a) Any way you can try this without the proxy?
b) Are you using SSL or HTTPS?