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Chris Saxon

Thanks for the question, Taraka.

Asked: April 07, 2020 - 5:17 am UTC

Answered by: Chris Saxon - Last updated: April 07, 2020 - 4:18 pm UTC

Category: SQL Plus - Version: 19.3.0

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You Asked

I tried to create a table learning from with a tutorial

create table key_val_pair(
id number constraint id_pk primary key,
key_val varchar2(100),
key_name varchar2(100))
segment creation immediate memoptimize for read;

it is showing an error
Feature 'Memoptimized Rowstore' is disabled due to missing
capability 'Runtime Environment'

and we said...

Are you running an Engineered system or using Oracle Cloud?

Because if not, you're out of luck. This feature is only available on these platforms.

This is an expected error on standard on-premises installations.

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