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December 20, 2018

Email servers in the database, the "table scan rows gotten" statistics, and what do all the STORAGE clauses do
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Database Administration Office Hours Sessions
March 19 2020 12:00:00 UTCExplore Database AdministrationAdd to Calendar
February 20 2020 12:00:00 UTCExplore Database AdministrationAdd to Calendar
January 16 2020Explore Database AdministrationWatch Recording
December 19 2019The common mistakes we makeWatch Recording
November 21 2019The common mistakes we make!Watch Recording
October 17 2019Career advice for the new DBA, How to secure your schemas, Diagnosing the ORA-1034 errorWatch Recording
September 26 2019Highlights from OpenWorldWatch Recording
July 18 201919c standby enhamcents, Generating random numbers, Automatic indexing, Hardware speed, 19c MEMOPTIMIZEWatch Recording
May 16 2019Global temporary tables, 19c cloud versus on-premise, 19c real time statistics, Advanced Datapump, No more RawWatch Recording
April 18 2019Does MAXEXTENTS matter anymore, In-memory and virtual columns, Why HINTS are ignored, faster data unloadWatch Recording
March 21 2019Capturing all DDL, SQLcl performance, ORA-12170 issues, JSON materialized viewsWatch Recording
February 21 2019Adaptive Cursor SharingWatch Recording
January 17 201919c release! Index monitoring, testing a SQL for validity, Cursor Sharing vs ACSWatch Recording
December 20 2018Email servers in the database, the "table scan rows gotten" statistics, and what do all the STORAGE clauses doWatch Recording
November 22 201818c Express Edition and encore presentation of OpenWorld session on SQL TuningWatch Recording
September 20 2018Heading into OpenWorldWatch Recording
August 23 2018How often to SHUTDOWN, Change Query Notification, change datatypes ONLINE, moving to a new blocksizeWatch Recording
July 19 2018Understanding ROWNUM, online operations 12.2, Dropping unused indexes, FORCE LOGGING, INHERIT PRIVILEGES usageWatch Recording
June 21 2018Proxy accounts, Secure Wallet authentication, Chained vs Migrated rows, Public vs Private synonymsWatch Recording
May 15 2018UTL_FILE on Cloud, CPU_COUNT versus cores, Methods for paginationWatch Recording


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Connor McDonald
Connor McDonald, Developer Advocate    
Connor McDonald is a former Oracle ACE Director who has joined the Oracle Developer Advocates Team. He has co-authored three books, is a popular speaker at Oracle conferences around the world, and is best known as a member of the AskTOM team.