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Advanced Compression and Data Compression Office Hours

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May 09

22:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World


Advanced Compression
AskTOM Office Hours offers free, open Q&A sessions with Oracle Database experts.

This session will focus on Oracle Basic Compression, Oracle OLTP Table Compression and Oracle Advanced Row Compression.
Sorry, No Recording Yet!

This session's over, but a recording of the session is not yet available.

Check out the resources on this page to explore great websites packed with lots more information - and answers to questions.

Your Experts

Gregg Christman
Gregg Christman, DB Performance Senior Product Manager    
Product Manager responsible for Advanced Compression, Hybrid Columnar Compression, Information Lifecycle Management (Heat Map and Automatic Data Optimization), Flashback Data Archive and In-Database Archiving.
Ajit Mylavarapu
Ajit Mylavarapu, Director of Development
Ajit Mylavarapu leads design and development efforts for the Oracle RDBMS Data and Transaction engine. His team is responsible for Oracle Advanced Row Compression, accelerating complex in-memory OLAP queries using novel techniques, in-memory join acceleration, optimized columnar data access solutions and ACID transaction support for the Oracle database.
Jesus Maldonado
Jesus Maldonado, Principal Software Engineer for the Database Core
Jesus Maldonado is a Principal Software Engineer for the Database Core group at Oracle Corporation. He's responsible for Advanced Row Compression.