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Oracle Sharding Office Hours

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October 22

15:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World

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Oracle Sharding
AskTOM Office Hours offers free, open Q&A sessions with Oracle Database experts. Join Srinagesh Battula and other members of the Oracle Sharding team to get your questions about sharding in Oracle Database answered.

Your Experts

NageshBattula, Sr. Principal Product Manager    
Nagesh Battula is a member of the Oracle High Availability Product Management team with special focus on distributed database architecture addressing scalability and high availability. He is the product manager for Oracle Sharding and Oracle Global Data Services. Nagesh has 20+ years of combined experience in the database realm. He has a BS in Engineering and MS in Computer Science. He is a frequent speaker at OOW and various Oracle user groups and conferences. Follow him on Twitter - @nageshbattula and visit his Blog site -
Nick Wagner
Nick Wagner, Director, Product Management
Nick Wagner is a Director of Product Management at Oracle, focusing on Replication and Sharding. He is part of the Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) Product Management team which focus on Oracle’s High Availability and Disaster Recovery technologies. He has over 20 years of Product Management experience in database replication.
Mark Dilman
Mark Dilman, Senior Director, Software Development
Mark is involved in the development of Oracle Sharding technology.