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October 19

15:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World


Spreadsheets aren't multiuser databases! Easily transform them to beautiful database-powered apps!
Spreadsheets are back in the news. Every enterprise uses spreadsheets as multiuser databases. However, there are numerous problems with this practice. Using low-code APEX & Oracle Database, you can transform these single-user spreadsheets into database-powered, multi-user, beautiful applications. And all you need to know is a little SQL.

In this session, Joel Kallman from the Oracle APEX team will provide a brief overview of Oracle APEX and also perform a number of live demonstrations. If you're an on-premises Oracle Database customer, you are already licensed for APEX. APEX is also available in every Oracle Cloud database service. Today's on-premises APEX customer is tomorrow's cloud customer.

If you have questions about low code app dev with APEX, this is the session for you!

As always, we start with announcements, then move into a technical presentation and then open the lines for your questions related to APEX and the Oracle database including features, use cases, best practices, and more. The sessions are recorded and the recordings are usually available a few days after the session is held.
Sorry, No Recording Yet!

This session's over, but a recording of the session is not yet available.

Check out the resources on this page to explore great websites packed with lots more information - and answers to questions.

Your Experts

Joel Kallman
Joel Kallman, Senior Director, Software Development    
Joel is the Senior Director of Software Development at Oracle America, Inc., managing the development and product management of Application Express (APEX). He started working with Oracle Database in 1992 and joined Oracle in 1996. Joel's passion is to make customers extraordinarily successful with the Oracle Database, SQL and Oracle Application Express (APEX). He is a proud alumnus of The Ohio State University, College of Engineering, with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering.
Matthew OKeefe
Matthew OKeefe, Senior Corporate Technologist    
Matthew helps executives, managers, developers, DBAs, analysts and engineers understand how Oracle's database technology can be leveraged for the highest business impact. He publishes frequently on LinkedIn and Oracle Forbes Voices, including this popular post: The Top 10 Lies You've Been Told About Relational Databases,