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June 11

15:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World


Sharding Oracle Database Cloud Service
Oracle Database Sharding enables applications to achieve linear scalability, extreme availability, and geographic distribution of data (for low latency or for data residency requirements).

Unlike NoSQL/Text databases from other vendors, Oracle Database Sharding supports structured (relational) and unstructured data (JSON,Text) while providing strong data consistency, the full power of SQL and the Oracle Database ecosystem.

Join us to learn how to create and manage sharded databases in Oracle Cloud.

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Your Experts

Tammy Bednar
Tammy Bednar, Senior Director of Product Management, Database Cloud Services    
Tammy works with users of Database Cloud Services to ensure they make the most of these powerful features.
Shailesh Dwivedi
Shailesh Dwivedi, Vice President, Product Management
Shailesh is Vice President of Product Management for Oracle Database Sharding. In his previous roles, he has been the product manager for Oracle Management Cloud, Oracle Enterprise Manager, and Oracle Fusion Middleware. Prior to that he worked as Technical Manager for Oracle Consulting and has been a Technical Architect and Software Engineer.
Bharath Ramaprasad
Bharath Ramaprasad, Principal Member Of Technical Staff
Bharath is part of the team that is engineering next generation Oracle sharded database services and making sharded database deployment and management simpler for all users of Oracle Database, on-premises and in the cloud.