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December 12

16:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World


How to find the best quality wine for the money using Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Machine Learning and Oracle Applications Express (APEX)
We’ve all been there. We need to bring a bottle of wine to a party but don’t want to spend too much. Ever just want an “algorithm in the Cloud” help you pick out a good wine for a fair price?

This demo and presentation walks you through the process showing using both SQL Developer’s Oracle Data Miner “drag and drop” UI and the new Oracle Machine Learning notebooks. We import our data, explore our wines, build machine learning models, apply the models and then, most importantly, start to select a good bottle of wine!

We then begin using Oracle Applications Express (APEX) and query and investigate OML’s insights and predictions in the Database using APEX’s powerful and easy to use query, reporting and graphing features.

So, sit back, grab a glass of fine wine and learn some practical and fun Oracle Machine Learning and Oracle APEX tips.

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Your Experts

Tammy Bednar
Tammy Bednar, Senior Director of Product Management, Database Cloud Services    
Tammy works with users of Database Cloud Services to ensure they make the most of these powerful features.
Charlie Berger
Charlie Berger, Sr. Director Product Management, Machine Learning, AI and Cognitive Analytics    
Charlie Berger is the Sr. Director of Product Management, Machine Learning, AI and Cognitive Analytics in Oracle Server Technology. He’s been carrying the Product Management flag for Oracle’s server tech machine learning for 20 years—starting when Oracle acquired Thinking Machines Corporation’s data mining development team where he was the VP of Product Management. He is a technical evangelist and supports Application Dev. teams who embed ML, supports customers and Sales and is the co-founder of the (BIWA) Analytics and Data Summit events. Previously, he worked in startups in expert systems, statistical and data visualization software and robotics and machine vision. He holds a Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering and an MBA, both from Boston University. He holds a BS in Operations Research/Industrial Engineering from UMASS, Amherst.
David Peake
David Peake, Senior Principal Product Manager - Application Express    
David joined Oracle in 1993. He spent the first 13 years within Oracle Consulting in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. In 2006, he joined the Product Development team as the Oracle Application Express (APEX) Product Manager. He presents at many conferences around the world including Oracle Openworld, ODTUG KScope, OGh APEX World, DOAG and UKOUG.


Hi, Please could you do a session on using Machine Learning from SQL Developer and integrate the results with an APEX application. Thanks! Regards Mahesh

Please join this session on Dec 12th to hear from Charlie and David on Machine Learning results w Show more.

Answered by Tammy Bednar -