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JavaScript and Oracle Database Office Hours

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October 02

21:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World

New features in node-oracledb 3.0
Christopher Jones and Dan McGhan take a look at some of the new features that were released with node-oracledb 3.0 on October 1 2018.


00:45-8:30 Smaller new features in node-oracledb 3.0
8:30 - SODA in node-oracledb 3.0
17:37 - Discussion on feature request poll, new Slack Channel, & Oracle Open World
27:17 - Request for quotes! Tell us how the node-oracledb is working for you.

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Your Experts
Dan McGhan
Dan McGhan, Developer Advocate for JavaScript    
Dan started with MySQL and PHP and happily stumbled upon Oracle Application Express. He never looked back and these days he shares his passion for JavaScript and HTML5 with the community.
Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones, Senior Principal Product Manager    
Chris serves as Product Manager for OCI, Instant Client and scripting language drivers for Oracle Database. These include Python cx_Oracle, PHP OCI8, PHP PDO_OCI, and Node.js node-oracledb.
Anthony Tuininga
Anthony Tuininga, Consulting Member of Technical Staff    
Anthony Tuininga is a software developer in the Data Access group at Oracle. He has over 25 years of experience with Oracle Database, is the creator and maintainer of cx_Oracle, the Python module enabling access to Oracle Database, and is now heavily involved with enhancing the node-oracledb module.