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April 20

20:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World


Database Cloud Service
In this session, Adrian Galindo, Product Manager for Database Cloud Service with a focus on security, provides an update on the database cloud offerings.

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Kris Bhanushali
Kris Bhanushali, Sr. Principal Product Manager    
Kris is currently a Sr. Principal Product Manager for Oracle's Database Cloud Services. Kris has had a 20+ year career using Oracle databases as a developer, DBA and HA architect. Kris has built highly available database infrastructure using Oracle MAA best practices for Financial institutions. During his last 10 years at Oracle, Kris has spoken to hundreds of Oracle customers and helped them build highly available and performant database environments for OLTP and DSS applications. In his spare time, Kris enjoys programming and loves to build cool projects using single board computers (raspberry pi, Arduino, BeagleBone) and when he's not doing any of that he's laying in his backyard listening to Indian classical music with his dog Kaya.
Adrian Galindo
Adrian Galindo, Principal Technologist
Adrian has 20+ years on the IT field, most of them working on Security solutions, technologies and products related. 7 years ago started a new adventure in Oracle, working first as Sales Consultant helping customers and partners to develop projects and opportunities in various industries and regions using Oracle Database solutions. Now as Principal Technologist in the role of Database Product Manager, has a focus on Cloud and Security solutions, enabling and helping partners in Demos, PoCs and trainings around the world.
Aalok Muley
Aalok Muley, Senior Director, Database Product Management
Aalok is the Senior Director of Product Management in the Database development team. He has over 20 years of experience and has worked on various aspects of the Oracle Database. Aalok started his career writing I/O code for the 8i database engine, then managed a team that ran industry standard database benchmarks. In his current role Aalok works with partners and customers as they make their move to the Cloud.