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September 24

17:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World

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Hands on Lab: Modernize and Extend Legacy Apps in the Oracle Cloud
Get hands-on modernizing or extending legacy applications into a cloud-native microservice-based development framework leveraging the Oracle Cloud.

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Your Experts

Varun Yadav
Varun Yadav, Cloud Engineer
Varun is a Cloud Engineer based in Austin, Texas. He focuses on Oracle Cloud technologies including Cloud Native Services like managed Kubernetes, docker, and app dev services like Visual Builder and Developer cloud services.
Keegan O'Hare
Keegan O'Hare, Associate Cloud Engineer
Have been working for Oracle for over 2 years. Primarily focusing on front end development and Oracle Blockchain.
Wilson Randle
Wilson Randle, Cloud Engineer
Hi everyone! My name is Wilson Randle and I'm a Cloud Engineer at Oracle. I've been working here for about 2 years now, based in the Santa Monica Hub in sunny west LA. My technical specialties include cloud application integration, application development, and especially interested in IoT as both a technology and a solution. In my free time I enjoy hiking around Southern California's many trails, Olympic style rowing, and I'm also an avid car enthusiast.