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September 24

13:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World


Securing Property Graphs with Oracle Label Security
Learn how to control access to sensitive information at a node and edge level. This session will show how to use Oracle Label Security with property graphs.

Control of access to sensitive information is of concern to managers, information officers, DBAs, application developers, and many others. Oracle Label Security (OLS) is part of Oracle’s defense-in-depth approach to security and is the industry’s most advanced solution for controlling access to data based on data classification. Government agencies align their data classification standards and then use OLS to share data across agencies. Commercial companies use OLS to separate data by geographic boundaries, allowing users from different countries to access data and meet local privacy and compliance requirements.

This session will demonstrate how to apply data classification (e.g. Highly Sensitive, Sensitive, Unclassified) to property graph nodes (e.g. bank accounts) and edges (transactions between these accounts) and control user’s access to these elements.

01:30 Overview of this session
04:37 Property Graph support in the database
11:32 What is Oracle Label Security
16:04 Demo scenario
19:00 Demo (Setting policies and access rights)
28:03 Demo (PGQL query results on Database)
32:26 Demo (PGQL query results on Graph Server)
37:40 Demo (Inserting and deleting nodes and edges)
39:40 Q&A
43:48 Demo (Graph Visualization)

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Your Experts

Jayant.Sharma, Product Manager
Dr. Jayant Sharma is Director, Spatial Product Management at Oracle . He has over twenty years experience in databases and spatial information systems. He is currently focused on the product strategy, and design, of spatial components for Oracle's database and middleware products, and on applications using these components.
Melli Annamalai
Melli Annamalai, Senior Principal Product Manager    
I am a product manager at Oracle, in the database organization. Over the years I have developed extensive experience in unstructured and semi-structured data management. My current focus areas are Graphs, Apache Kafka, and Big Data. I enjoy working with customers and helping them use our technology to solve their problems, from small scale problems to those that have tremendous impact in their organization and beyond. Along with my colleagues I am on a mission to make our products as easy to use as possible. I believe in equitable access to education for all, and I spend most of my spare time volunteering in activities towards that goal.
Ryota Yamanaka
Ryota Yamanaka, Regional Product Manager, Spatial and Graph    
Ryota Yamanaka is a regional product manager (Asia-Pacific) in spatial and graph technologies at Oracle. He has been a regular user of graph databases since he received his degrees in bioinformatics, and he is also experienced in using graphs, semantic technologies, and big data, in various industries during his 8 year career at Oracle. He has been based in Bangkok since 2018.