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Database House Party #2

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June 25

14:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World

Data-driven Microservices Architecture with Converged Database, Kubernetes and Helidon on Oracle Cloud
This talk provides an architecture overview of data-centric microservices illustrated with an example application. The following Microservices concepts are illustrated - domain driven design, event-driven services, Saga transactions, Application tracing and Health monitoring with different microservices using a variety of data types supported in the database - business data, documents, spatial, graph, and events. A running example of a mobile food delivery application (called GrubDash) is used, with a hands-on-lab that is available for attendees to work through on the Oracle Cloud after these sessions. The rest of the talks will build upon this Microservices architecture framework.

Martin Schmitter, Oracle ACE (RWE, Germany) will join us to discuss real world considerations and constraints of secure access/setup for each microservice with GDPR requirements.

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Your Experts
Paul Parkinson
Paul Parkinson, Data and Transaction Processing Dev Lead, Microservices Platform (Helidon)    
Microservices cloud platform (Helidon) developer, lead for data and transaction processing. Dev Lead for Transaction Processing and HA in mid-tier at Oracle for the last 18 years working on WebLogic, Oracle Database, OCI, ... and currently Helidon . Recently created and continuously adding to workshop for microservices that use data / state - includes use of Helidon, Oracle OCI services, Oracle ATP database, etc...
KuassiM, Director of Product Management    
Kuassi focuses on Java-related technologies inside Oracle Database, including JDBC, UCP, JVM in the Database, and JVM-based languages such as Scala. He also works with Hadoop-related features, such as Table Access for Hadoop.
Martin Schmitter
Martin Schmitter, Database Solutions Architect, RWE Supply & Trading GmbH    
Martin Schmitter is a Database Solutions Architect working with RWE Supply & Trading GmbH. He is a child of the generation Commodore 64. Modifying his old cassette recorder to a datassette, was his first hardware hack in the age of 8 years. Obviously, his pocket money was tight, and a solution was found. In the age of 14, Martin successfully passed his exam as ham radio amateur and in January 2001 he finalized his education as an information scientist in application development. Already during his apprenticeship (1998-2001), he had his first contact with Oracle technologies. With more than 20 years professional experience, Martin is a specialist with demanding databases and high availability clustering technologies. During his time working as a consultant he was part of critical infrastructure and database projects with TOP DAX and public sector enterprises. He introduced the Maximum Availability Architecture – MAA for critical energy supply and trading systems using Oracle RAC and Dataguard technologies. In addition, Martin takes care of reference architectures and provides training and coaching to all database topics. His biggest challenges are cloud migrations, firefighting and to demonstrate best practices and usage of the database ecosystem to project and development groups. Especially making them aware how to make best effort of clustered database systems, is one of his passions. Since the year 2010 Martin Schmitter is an active member of the German Oracle User Group: Deutsch Oracle-Anwendergruppe e.V – DOAG. During this period Martin did several presentations about e.g. cloud architecture and designs, high availability architectures (even with Windows), best usage of RAC and supports junior DBAs in the education streams of the DOAG. As DOAG Local Representative NRW, Martin is organising regular User Group Meetings, with not just database topics like blockchain, CI/CD, microservices, DevOps and many more in North Rhine Westphalia - NRW.