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Database House Party #2

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June 25

13:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World


The Future is Data Driven
This session will discuss the importance of data to an organisation and the need to build applications where the value within that data can easily be exploited. To achieve that aim we need to start building applications that benefit from the flexibility of new development paradigms but don't create artificial barriers of complexity that stop us from easily responding to change within our organisations.

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Your Experts

Maria Colgan
Maria Colgan, Master Product Manager    
Maria Colgan is a master product manager at Oracle Corporation and evangelist for Oracle Database, which she's worked with since version 7.3. In an earlier life, she was the product manager for Oracle Database In-Memory and the query optimizer.
Sanjay Goil
Sanjay Goil, Vice President Product Management    
Sanjay Goil is the VP Product Management in the Oracle Database team. He works on the Messaging and Streaming layer in the Oracle Converged Database to help customers modernize applications and build internet-scale Microservices. Sanjay has a background in Big Data, AI/ML, HPC at HP/Autonomy, Intel, and Sun where he worked on ML with unstructured data (video, text, audio), big data stack, hardware systems (x86 and Infiniband, that go into Exadata), microprocessor performance, and programming tools for high performance parallel code. He also spent a few years building a startup (4C Insights) for running micro-targeted ads across social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Snap, etc.) and linear TV before coming to Oracle. In Oracle Cloud he has been a product manager in the Gen 1 Cloud Kafka Service (Event Hub) and Gen 2 Cloud OCI Streaming and Monitoring services.