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September 10

18:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World


Stripping accents from letters in a string - simulating NLS_BASELETTER
In this session we answered a question about simulating a currently non-existent SQL function NLS_BASELETTER that would return a string with all accents (diacritic marks) stripped. Such function could be useful to prepare a version of text data (e.g. people names) for approximate search. (Note, however, that we recommend Oracle Text for advanced searching functionality.)

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Your Experts

Sergiusz Wolicki
Sergiusz Wolicki, Database Globalization Architect    
With Oracle since August 1994. In Oracle Support until October 2005. Now providing globalization advice to DB development and developing new globalization features.
Weiran Zhang
Weiran Zhang, Director of Development
Weiran Zhang is a Director of Development, Globalization Technology for Database Globalization.