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Exadata Office Hours

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July 18

16:30 UTC   Start Times Around the World


Exadata Database Machine Hardware
Gavin Parish and Gurmeet Goindi joined Cris Pedregal and several dozen attendees for an informal chat about all matters related to Exadata hardware. The topics covered in the office hours are below -- so you can listen to this as a podcast as well, as most of the content is accessible without the visual aids.

03:07 How Exadata teams decides what goes into each release
05:21 Exadata X8 hardware overview
08:22 Why and when does a hardware component remain the same on a new Exadata release?
10:51 What’s the overhead of running a database with TDE compared to non-encrypted on Exadata X8-2?
12:28 X8 gives you 60% more performance and 40% higher capacity at the same price of X7
13:10 Overview of the new Exadata Storage Server X8-2 Extended (XT)
13:52 Why did Oracle create XT, a low cost Exadata Storage Server?
15:58 How did Oracle lower the costs for the Storage Server?
18:09 Exadata Storage Server X8-2 Extended (XT) manageability benefits
19:05 XT Performance
21:14 XT and backups
22:31 Exadata Storage Server X8-2 Extended (XT)
23:52 XT use in practice
24:54 10 years of Exadata hardware
31:10 Exadata components: how are they chosen for each generation?
32:45 Exadata components: the NVMe example
34:08 Exadata components: what about GPUs?
36:51 Exadata use of Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 versus OEL 7
40:14 Exadata X8-2 compared to Exadata X8-8
41:47 Exadata X8-8 signals Oracle commitment to technology leadership
43:08 Exadata is a foundational technology
44:16 Autonomous Database technology and Exadata

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Your Experts

Cris Pedregal
Cris Pedregal, Senior Technologist
Cris Pedregal joined Oracle as a senior developer in 2005, working on the design and development of high availability functionality, compression, and the initial cloud deployments of the Oracle Database. He moved to product management where he launched product features and evangelized Oracle technologies. He also managed company-wide technical relationships with key external partners, including a major cloud computing company and CERN. Before Oracle Cris was on the Computer Science faculty at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. He earned his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and his undergraduate CS degree at Eslai, Argentina. He speaks one language with 2.5 accents.
Gavin Parish
Gavin Parish, Senior Principal Product Manager    
Gavin is a product manager in Oracle’s Exadata team, with a focus on Exadata’s software and hardware roadmap. Prior to the Exadata team, Gavin was a founding member of the team responsible for launching the industry’s first on-premises public cloud technology - Oracle Cloud at Customer. In his 15 years in Oracle Product Management, Presales and Consulting roles, Gavin has developed a robust understanding of all things Oracle, helping customers architect and implement a variety of infrastructure and application technologies.
Gurmeet Goindi
Gurmeet Goindi, Master Product Manager, Exadata    
Gurmeet is an expert on Exadata architecture and implementations.