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Spatial for DBAs, Analysts and Developers Office Hours

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August 14, 2019

15:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World

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Spatial Studio
In this session, we showed a new tool, Spatial Studio, that lets you quickly and easily do spatial analytics and create maps, even if you don't have GIS or Spatial knowledge. Now business users and non-GIS developers have a simple user interface to access the spatial features in Oracle Database.

Through step by step demos, we showed how to prepare your data for spatial analysis, perform spatial analysis operations, publish, and share the results – as well as how to access spatial analyses results via REST and incorporate in applications and workflows. Carol Palmer and David Lapp, product managers for Oracle Spatial and Graph, presented.


02:45 – Agenda, brief overview of Oracle Spatial and Graph
06:47 – What is Spatial Studio?
09:35 – Demo
09:35 – Intro, overview of pages in Studio
12:50 – Creating data sets
14:18 - Load data from a spreadsheet
17:00 – Prepare data: geocode addresses
21:40 – Add a shapefile and a Database table
23:10 – Exporting data sets
24:00 – Analyzing data sets – what spatial analysis do we want to do here?
25:55 – Create a project
26:20 – View addresses and regions on a map, and run spatial analysis (find all addresses in a specific region)
30:20 – View the underlying SQL and RESTful endpoint (GeoJSON) to access analysis result programmatically
31:28 – More spatial analysis
32:40 – Create an info window pop up (showing region for each address)
35:00 – Add coastal zone and calculate distance from each location to coastal zone
38:05 – Add an info window
39:30 – Map styling options, map filtering on the client
41:38 – Share map project with others, and publish project
42:48 – Exporting a project, eg to Oracle Data Visualization

44:20 – Functionality – recap of key features of Spatial Studio
46:24 – License – what products/services is Spatial Studio included with?
47:03 – Technical Requirements – what’s needed to run Spatial Studio
47:20 – Get Started – quickstart and download info
47:55 – V1 Limitations – some limitations to be aware of
49:10 – Resources – useful links for technical tips and info, and SIG interest group

Slides are available here: nalytics-and-maps

Learn more about and download Spatial Studio:

Your Experts

    Carol Palmer

    Carol Palmer

    Oracle Spatial and Graph Product Management, Oracle liaison to the Spatial and Graph SIG user group
    David Lapp

    David Lapp

    David Lapp is a Senior Principal Product Manager at Oracle Corporation. His responsibilities include strategy and planning for Oracle's Spatial and Graph technologies and cloud services, and their use across the Oracle Cloud including database, big data and analytics.
    Jean Ihm

    Jean Ihm   

    Jean Ihm is a product manager for Oracle's spatial and graph technologies for database, big data, and cloud platforms. She interacts with customers and partners worldwide, works on product release activities, engages with presales, and helps organize user events. She serves as Oracle liaison to the Spatial and Graph SIG user group, and is a member of the BIWA conference committee. She received a bachelor's degree from MIT, and a law degree from the University of California, Berkeley. She is based at Oracle HQ in Redwood Shores, California.