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September 18, 2018

18:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World

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Installation, patching, and upgrading
This session focuses on installing, upgrading, and patching your application’s Oracle Database backend. Arguably, this topic is distinct from SmartDB itself. But SmartDB implies lots of PL/SQL—as well as lots of tables and objects of other kinds. Lots of objects of various kinds implies a need for a classification scheme. And a classification is best supported by having different schemas owning different classes of object. This realization forces us to confront the question of how to install and change objects across a set of many schemas.

Video Highlights

00:00 — Introduction

11:30 — "So the stage is set now"

12:00 — Explanation of the theory of installation, patching, and upgrading (using slides from the "Hard Shell" talk).

35:00 — Start to walk through the code that implements the (installation part) of the SmartDB proof-of-concept.

36:00 — Parenthesis on the "super bootstrap"—creating the PDB_Admin user so that it, in turn, can create users who can create PL/SQL with static references to shipped performance views, dictionary views, and PL/SQL units that are *not* granted to "public".

41:00 — Back to the SmartDB proof-of-concept code

51:00 — Notice that, having talked through the actions in "Install_Admin_Code.sql", I forgot to run it! This explains the errors that I see during the next few minutes until I realize my mistake. When I tried to demonstrate that, by design, something wouldn't (yet) work without more set-up, I said that I saw the expected error. But you can see from my screen that I'm getting simple "doesn't exist" errors for the code I try to run. Blame that on the stress of presenting with Zoom and running out of time.

55:00 Q&A

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    Toon has been part of the Oracle eco-system since 1987. He is currently a member of Oracle's Real-World Performance team. The RWP-team troubleshoots application performance issues in and around the DBMS. The way applications currently use the DBMS, is often at the root of these performance issues. Prior to joining the RWP team, Toon has been mainly involved in database application development. His special interests are: architecting applications for performance and scalability, database design, and business rules / constraints modeling (see his idea on SQL Assertions here He is a long-time champion of the Smart Database paradigm, i.e. using the database as a processing engine, and not just as a persistence layer.

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