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JSON in Oracle Database Office Hours

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April 11, 2023

17:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World

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JSON Relational Duality Views
This session will focus on the brand new and revolutionary new features in Oracle Database 23cFree: JSON Relational Duality.

00:00 - 00:39 Intro
00:40 - 03:24 Oracle Database 23c Free
03:25 - 10:12 Summary of JSON features in 23c:
03:25 - 05:16 JSON Type
05:17 - 06:20 Multi-Value Index
06:21 - 08:29 JSON Schema
08:30 - 10:02 JSON_Transform
10:03 - 12:22 JSON Relational Duality
12:23 - 13:25 GraphQL
13:26 - 43:45 Live Demo: Student-Teacher-Class
14:50 - 16:33 'Student' Duality view
16:34 - 17:39 Injected 'metadata', 'etag' aand 'asof' fields
17:40 - 18:52 updating JSON Duality views
18:53 - 22:08 optimistic locking, etag mismatch
22:09 - 24:48 other objects for 'teacher' and 'class',
24:50 - 28:48 'schedule' duality View using GraphQL syntax
28:49 - 30:28 querying the 'schedule' Duality view from SQL
30:29 - 32:38 querying using from MongoDB shell
32:39 - 33:24 query and update usign MongoDB Compass
33:25 - 36:33 detecting conflicting updates
36:34 - 39:30 sharing the same value across documents and collections
39:31 - 41:45 Restricting which parts of a document can be changed
41:46 - 43:45 field level updates and value sharing
43:46 - End Summary and Q&A

Your Experts

    Beda Hammerschmidt

    Beda Hammerschmidt   

    Beda is a developer (and self-proclaimed developer advocate) in the JSON team. Ask him anything JSON.
    Hermann Bär

    Hermann Bär   

    Hermann is a Senior Director of Product Management in the Oracle Database organization. He and his team focus on Oracle's core functionality, such as Oracle Partitioning, the Oracle Optimizer, and analytical SQL. His team also looks after semi-structured data processing, such as the relational SQL/JSON capabilities, Oracle Text, and more recently Autonomous JSON Database and the Oracle Database API for Mongo DB. Hermann has held several positions at Oracle in Sales Consulting and Consulting, dealing with the database for quite some time.
    Ranjan Priyadarshi

    Ranjan Priyadarshi   

    Ranjan is an energetic leader passionate about using Strategy and Innovation to address customer needs and solving business problems. Have experience working in Data and Analytics industry for 23 years especially working with large enterprise customers. Ranjan joined Oracle in December 2020, where he leads Product Management for Data and In-Memory Technologies. In the past, Ranjan has built several products and releases at Teradata by understanding customer needs, creating a vision, and then road-mapping it for success. He has led large cross-functional teams focused on delivering key business initiatives to the market. His unique domain expertise covers Cloud, Advanced Analytics, Data Management, and experience building Autonomous services. Apart from business expertise, he has 3 US patents as well. Ranjan has a Computer Science degree and MBA (from UCLA Anderson). Some other valuable education that helps him think out of the box are Disruptive Strategy (Harvard Extension), Design Thinking (MIT), and Building Innovative Teams (Stanford).