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February 08

18:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World


Oracle Cloud Coaching: Storage Services
Cloud Coaches are highly skilled solution engineers ready to assist you in your Oracle Cloud development journey.

Cloud Coaching Office Hours provides a way for you to get your questions answered. The schedule is as follows:

- Learn about a tip or best practice
- Ask a question - Pre-submit your questions to or ask during the office hours
- Learn how to get additional help for your organization.

In this session, learn how Oracle Cloud Storage delivers consistent high performance and scalability. We’ll introduce local, object, file, block and archive storage services and address key storage workload requirements and use cases.

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Your Experts

Tom Fu
Tom Fu, Cloud Engineer
Based in Austin HQ | Data Science | Professional Architect | Developer Services | Autonomous Database
Oracle Developer Team
Oracle Developer Team, Developer Marketing Manager    
Tara Van Cleave
Tara Van Cleave, Developer Events Marketing Manager
Tara helps Oracle developers, product managers and developer advocates educate our users about Oracle technology.