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JSON in Oracle Database Office Hours

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February 09, 2021

18:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World

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SERN: Development using SODA, Express, React and NodeJS
In this session Srikrishnan Suresh demonstrates how the SODA Api can be used with NodeJs, Express and React to build modern web applications. Jeff Smith explains how ORDS (Oracle Rest Data Services) can be used to simplify REST-based development.
SERN stack SODA, Express, React, NodeJS using Oracle Database

The video gives an introduction to the SERN stack for JSON-based application development using React, NodeJS, JavaScript, Express and the SODA Api (the JSON document-store api of Oracle's database).
Srikrishnan Suresh will walk us through a simple demo that is also available on Github ( ).
Jeff Smith explains how ORDS (Oracle REST Data Services) can simplify REST based development.
0:00 - 1:50
1:51 - 3:39 What is the SERN stack?
3:40 - 8:04 SODA: (Simple Oracle Document Access) Api
8:05 - 10:45 SODA in context of SERN stack
10:46 - 10:25 Express
10:26 - 15:30 React
15:31 - 18:12 SERN Interaction Overview
18:13 - 19:10 Model -View Paradigm
19:11 - 20:29 Intro: MuSprint Application built with SERN stack
20:30 - 23:19 Development Process (Teamwork)
23:20 - 26:33 Web Interface, JSX
26:34 - 27:20 Event Handler
27:21 - 34:55 SODA backed Rest Services
34:56 - 48:20 Github project, code walk-through
48:21 - 56:50 ORDS: Oracle Rest Data Services
56:51 - END

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    Beda Hammerschmidt

    Beda Hammerschmidt   

    Beda is a developer (and self-proclaimed developer advocate) in the JSON team. Ask him anything JSON.