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October 15

19:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World


Moving Logs with Oracle Service Connector Hub
Enterprise customers need the ability to move, mask, filter and validate data i.e. Logs, Metrics, Stream messages, etc. in near real time from many Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services to destination sinks like Object Storage, Streaming, Monitoring for additional processing or compliance storage needs. In addition, Developers need the ability to build event driven applications which react to these events or messages, process the data to take actions in near real time via target services like Functions (for custom processing) and Notifications. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how the Service Connector Hub addresses the above needs, specifically in the context of Observability by moving logs from the Logging Service to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services such as Object Storage, Streaming, Monitoring, Functions and Notifications for the purposes of archival, integration with 3rd party tools for running analytics, alarming in near real-time, lightweight data transformations and notifications.

Vimal Kocherla is the Product Manager for the OCI Service Connector Hub.

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Marcie Samuelsen
Marcie Samuelsen, Developer Marketing Manager    
Marcie is Marketing Manager for Global Developer Marketing. She joined Oracle in August 1996 as a Sales Consultant. She worked in the User Assistance team for 15 years developing training for Oracle APEX. Marcie also was the creator of the Oracle Learning Library which is an APEX Application used by Oracle customers. Marcie has been in Marketing for the last 2 years promoting webcasts and workshops for customers.