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Spatial and Maps in Oracle Database Office Hours

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August 25

15:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World


Python and Autonomous Database: Better together for Location Analytics
In August we discussed the use of Python, and geospatial analysis libraries, in conjunction with the Autonomous Database's spatial features. David walked through a Jupiter notebook and outlined two scenarios. The first used spatial analysis, on a national scale dataset of vehicle accidents, to identify hot spots and cold spots where speeding was a factor or not a factor in the accident. The second scenario involved a spatio-temporal analysis of unemployment statistics. Here's a quick guide to the highlights:

1:00 David provides an overview of Spatial features in the Oracle Database
6:42 He discusses the vast ecosystem of geospatial analysis libraries for Python
8:44 He provides the URL for a PDF version of the Jupiter notebook with the demos
11:35 David introduces the first demo scenario
29:00 He discusses the second demo scenario

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Your Experts

Jayant.Sharma, Product Manager
Dr. Jayant Sharma is Director, Spatial Product Management at Oracle . He has over twenty years experience in databases and spatial information systems. He is currently focused on the product strategy, and design, of spatial components for Oracle's database and middleware products, and on applications using these components.
David Lapp
David Lapp, Product Manager - Spatial and Graph
David Lapp is a Senior Principal Product Manager at Oracle Corporation. His responsibilities include strategy and planning for Oracle's Spatial and Graph technologies and cloud services, and their use across the Oracle Cloud including database, big data and analytics.