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January 19

09:30 UTC   Start Times Around the World


Open Polyglot Serverless with Oracle Functions
As developers we use a growing range of languages. We might choose a language for its library ecosystem, or performance, or simply because we enjoy using it.

So we want to be able to use our chosen language to build applications with new architectures such as Serverless.

But what if your chosen serverless platform doesn’t have built in support for your language? In this talk We will show you how you can build Serverless applications in any language and deploy them to the Oracle Functions service.
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Ettore Volpicelli
Ettore Volpicelli, Head of Developer Marketing - Europe, Middle East and Africa
I love to design new contents that can be useful for Developers around the World to run a better Job! Football Fan (W SSC Napoli) and Chef for Passion and because I love food!