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May 10

17:00 - 18:00 UTC    Start Times Around the World


Cloud Coaching Office Hours: Oracle Digital Assistant and Chatbots
Learn how intelligent bots can magnify the utility of other investments, including SaaS applications, and how they can also be built for a variety of additional needs.

Your Experts

Maximillian Grossman
Maximillian Grossman,
Tara Van Cleave
Tara Van Cleave, Business Development Consultant
Tara helps Oracle developers, product managers and developer advocates educate our users about Oracle technology.
Marcie Samuelsen
Marcie Samuelsen, Developer Marketing Manager    
Marcie is Marketing Manager for Global Developer Marketing. She joined Oracle in August 1996 as a Sales Consultant. She worked in the User Assistance team for 15 years developing training for Oracle APEX. Marcie also was the creator of the Oracle Learning Library which is an APEX Application used by Oracle customers. Marcie has been in Marketing for the last 2 years promoting webcasts and workshops for customers.