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January 09, 2020

20:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World

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Transparent Data Encryption Advanced Use Cases - Part 1
As always, we'll get started with a few product announcements, then move quickly into the technical session. AskTom Database Security for January 2020 focuses on Transparent Data Encryption. Database Security Product Managers Rich Evans and Peter Wahl will lead this session, where we will discuss one of the more interesting TDE use cases, migrating TDE-enabled databases from wallet to Key Vault with minimal downtime, implementing separation of duties (between DBAs and OKV admins) along the way. We'll cover several different architectures - including Data Guard physical standby, single instance database, and multi-tenant database.

This is part 1 of several use-case focused sessions on Transparent Data Encryption (TDE). TDE is the most widely deployed Oracle Database security option, and is generally considered the foundation of a secure database system. Most TDE use cases are simple to implement, but key management can sometimes trip up customers and implementers with nuances that may not be obvious. For each of these sessions we'll be focusing on a few use cases, and walking through how to solve them, along with pitfalls to look out for. If you work with Transparent Data Encryption, don't miss this session.

There are TWO identical sessions at 09:00 and 20:00 UTC- just pick the one that works best with your schedule. As always, we start with announcements, then move into a technical presentation and then open the lines for your questions related to database security. Calls are recorded and the recordings are available on the AskTom website, usually a few days after the call is held.

Session 1 - San Francisco: Thursday, 9 January 01:00 / New York: Thursday, 9 January 04:00 /Paris: Thursday, 9 January 10:00 / Bangalore: January, 9 November 14:30 / Tokyo: Thursday, 9 January 18:00 / Sydney: Thursday, 9 January 20:00

Session 2 - San Fransisco: Thursday, 9 January 12:00 / New York: Thursday, 9 January 15:00 / Paris: Thursday, 9 January 21:00 / Bangalore: Friday, 10 January 01:30 / Tokyo: Friday, 10 January 05:00 / Sydney: Friday, 10 January 07:00

Your Experts

    Richard C Evans

    Richard C Evans

    Richard is part of the Database Security Product Management team, which responsible for many products, including Oracle Advanced Security (ASO), TDE & Data Redaction, Oracle Key Vault (OKV), Oracle Database Vault (DV), Oracle Audit Vault & DB Firewall (AVDF), Oracle Data Masking & Subsettings (DMS), Oracle Label Security (OLS), and Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool (DBSAT).

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