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Spatial for DBAs, Analysts and Developers Office Hours

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January 31, 2023

15:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World

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Create interactive maps and perform self-service spatial analysis at your fingertips
This session is about getting quickly and easily into working with spatial data. We will show you how to
- load different types of spatial data,
- convert address information into coordinates that can be placed on a map,
- visualize spatial data on maps,
- explore and analyze spatial data,
- and share spatial data or spatial analysis results via REST endpoints.
Using the current version of Oracle Spatial Studio, a free web-based graphical tool for working with spatial data, we walk you through a typical spatial data processing workflow. You do not need coding skills to follow or redo what we present.
At the end of this session, we also present new features of Spatial Studio 22.3.

Watch the recording:
02:09 Introduction to Spatial features in the Oracle Database
05:22 What is Oracle Spatial Studio?
10:00 Spatial Data
14:55 Spatial Studio Demo
15:53 Demo: Upload Data
18:46 Demo: Visualize Data and Create Project
23:01 Demo: Spatial Analysis (Filter by Proximity, Summarize Items by Region, Access SQL code and GeoJSON endpoints)
29:06 Demo: Share Project
30:39 Overview of new features in Spatial Studio 22.3
33:22 Spatial Studio 22.3 New features demo
33:23 Demo new features: Create Custom Regions
38:06 Demo new features: Save Dropped Pins and Selections
39:32 Demo new features: Create Non-Spatial Filters with Multiple Criteria
41:49 Demo new features: Create Dataset from Web Map Service
44:35 Wrap up and Q & A

Your Experts

    Karin Patenge

    Karin Patenge   

    Karin Patenge is a Product Manager for Oracle's Spatial and Graph Technologies. She works closely with customers, partners, and tech communities in mainly Europe and the Middle East. She engages with developers, solution architects, data engineers & analysts to bring added value to their projects by integrating spatial and graph capabilities into solution architectures. Karin has a master's degree in Computer Science and has followed the UNIGIS postgraduate study program. She is based in Berlin, Germany, and collaborates closely with Oracle´s Spatial and Graph development teams.
    Ramu Murakami

    Ramu Murakami

    Ramu Murakami Gutierrez is a Product Manager for Spatial and Graph Technologies. She holds a bachelor's in International Affairs and a master's in Information Systems. She created content like videos to help users understand Oracle Spatial and Graph technologies.
    Hans Viehmann

    Hans Viehmann   

    Hans Viehmann works for Oracle as Product Manager for spatial and graph technologies on both the Database and Big Data platforms. He holds a degree in Physics from Hamburg University and started his career in Research before joining Oracle over twenty-five years ago. After various positions in Presales and Business Development, he joined the Product Management Team in 2011. He is responsible for the outbound product managers on the Oracle spatial and graph team. With his team, he looks after strategic projects and partnerships, marketing activities, as well as internal awareness around Oracle's spatial and graph technologies worldwide. He works closely with various Oracle User Groups and helped establish Spatial and Graph Special Interest Groups in several countries. He is a regular speaker at conferences and user group events and serves on the advisory board of InGeoForum, Germany.