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September 19, 2022

16:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World

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Excel Interfaces for REST Services
Learn about Visual Builder add-in for Excel and how it can help you interact with REST based backend from the familiar excel interfaces.

00:53 - Intro
02:05 - Excel Add-in main page
02:25 - Overview
03:35 - Download installer
04:40 - Install
05:15 - Update
06:00 - Remove add-in
07:05 - Connect to a Visual Builder Business Object
09:10 - Modify Excel table columns
09:55 - Admin columns
10:20 - Add query criteria
11:45 - Publish spreadsheet for users
12:20 - Open the published spreadsheet
12:50 - Insert / Update / Delete Data
14:55 - Upload changes
15:55 - Error handling
17:10 - The reason the email couldn't be set to Null is the field property "Omit from payload if value is empty" was on
18:00 - Form over table (Parent child) layout
18:15 - Add a new catalog
19:50 - Enable child relationship
20:05 - Refresh catalog after change
21:05 - 'Contains' query criteria
21:10 - Add an LOV
24:10 - Enforce business rules on the backend
27:10 - Use ORDS for the backend
28:10 - Open API specification
29:00 - Change authentication method
30:40 - Alter column type
31:50 - Re-download the data to remove pending changes
32:50 - Authentication methods overview
33:25 - End of demo - Recap
34:00 - Additional resources
34:35 - Join us at Cloud World

Your Experts

    Blaine Carter

    Blaine Carter   

    As a product manager for Visual Builder, Blaine focuses on helping developers adopt the new Oracle application development platform. For most of his career, Blaine has used Oracle tools to build applications, including Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports, Java, and a whole lot of SQL and PL/SQL. Blaine is borderline obsessed with automating as much as he can. This has drawn him to CI/CD tools and, of course, the cloud. Blaine has a deep love of learning and sharing what he learns with other people.
    E. Alex Davis

    E. Alex Davis

    Manager, Excel Integration Development Team
    Shay Shmeltzer

    Shay Shmeltzer   

    Shay is Director of Product Management for Oracle Cloud Development Tools. He is focused on helping developers simplify and streamline their work leveraging Oracle solutions. Shay frequently presents at industry events, publishes many articles, and regularly blogs and share YouTube based tips.