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Database Security Office Hours

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July 13, 2022

15:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World

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Back to the basics of DB security - Database roles
In this month's Database Security Office Hours, we continue our Back to Basics track with a focus on Oracle Database roles. Roles are an extremely powerful tool to help manage your users, privileges, and secure access to your sensitive data. Richard C. Evans, DB Security Product Manager, will guide you from the basics of roles to advanced use cases, helping you understand how you can use password protected roles, non-default roles, and secure application roles to control which privileges are available to a database sessions. We'll cover how to create Unified Audit policies based on the use of a role, identify used and unused privileges and roles, and map roles to Active Directory groups with Oracle Centrally Managed Users (CMU).

Join the Database Security product management team on the second Wednesday of the month at 10:00 am US Central time for Database Security Office hours. We hold these sessions each month to keep you updated on what's new with Oracle Database security. We cover announcements about new features, products, and capabilities followed by a discussion of some technical topic. Each session ends with an opportunity for open Q&A about database security.

Announcements: 1:45
Start of presentation: 5:55
Different types of roles: 16:10
Default vs non-default roles: 17:25
Password protected roles: 18:20
Global roles: 20:20
Common roles: 21:15
Using SYS_SESSION_ROLES built-in context: 24:58
Common views related to roles: 26:07
Granting roles to users: 29:12
Enabling roles: 34:00
Restrictions on roles: 35:47
Secure application roles: 37:38
Global roles with Oracle Centrally Managed Users (CMU): 40:57
Auditing roles: 44:00
Identifying users, roles, and privileges: 45:15
Closing: 51:45
Next Month: 53:30

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Your Experts

    Richard C Evans

    Richard C Evans

    Richard is part of the Database Security Product Management team, which responsible for many products, including Oracle Advanced Security (ASO), TDE & Data Redaction, Oracle Key Vault (OKV), Oracle Database Vault (DV), Oracle Audit Vault & DB Firewall (AVDF), Oracle Data Masking & Subsettings (DMS), Oracle Label Security (OLS), and Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool (DBSAT).
    Pedro Lopes

    Pedro Lopes

    Pedro focuses on the DB Security Assessment Tool.
    Hakim Loumi

    Hakim Loumi

    Hakim is on the Database Security Product Management team and covers all Database Security Products/Options/Features in the EMEA region.

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