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Office Hours FAQ

What is AskTOM Office Hours?

Office Hours offers free, live Q&A sessions with experts in various aspects of Oracle technologies. Our experts are drawn from the ranks of Product Managers, developers, development managers and evangelists. We make ourselves available each month to help you be as successful as you can with Oracle products.

Why should you subscribe?

You don't have to register for an Office Hours on a particular topic. You can simply click on the Join Session button when you go to your Office Hours page within an hour of a session starting.

If you register, however, you will:

  • Get email reminders of your upcoming sessions (a weekly digest on Monday with all your upcoming Office Hours for that week + a reminder within an hour of the sesion starting).
  • Send a question to the experts in advance of the session. This will give us a chance to review the question and prepare an answer.
  • Rate the session and give us advice on how to improve Office Hours in the future.
  • Hear about new Office Hours sessions we've recently added.

So we hope you'll sign up and take full advantage of Office Hours!

How does Office Hours work?

The Office Hours page will display a Join Session within an hour of your session starting. Click on the link when the time is right, and you'll be placed in the conference, where we will take your questions via chat.

Check the Get Ready section on the page in advance of the session, so you can make sure your browser and computer are configured properly to participate in the webcast.

And if I don't want reminders?

We understand. You probably get an awful lot of emails. You'll get at most one digest email on Monday, and one reminder before your session. But if you want to rely solely on your memory and calendar, just sign in to AskTOM, navigate to the Office Hours session and click on the Withdraw button. You will no longer receive notice of sessions on this topic.

What can I ask about?

Office Hours sessions will usually have a particular focus (example: exception handling in PL/SQL), but could also be a truly open Q&A session ("Ask me anything about PL/SQL").

The objective of Office Hours is to improve your expertise at utilizing Oracle Database to build your applications. Office Hours is not a substitute for My Oracle Support. We will not discuss tickets logged with Support. Office Hours is not a place to discuss licensing or account issues. You need to take up such issues with your Oracle account representative.

You are welcome to share code with us on an Office Hours session, but please be aware that other developers not working for your company may see that code. By sharing your code, you are also giving us permission to view and display that code to others.