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  • What is the Oracle recommendation for Oracle RAC database and use of Sophos anti-virus software on LINUX?


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Connor McDonald

Thanks for the question, Andrew.

Asked: October 01, 2018 - 5:32 am UTC

Answered by: Connor McDonald - Last updated: October 03, 2018 - 4:31 am UTC

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You Asked

What is the Oracle recommendation for Oracle RAC database and use of Sophos anti-virus software on LINUX?
I have read nearly every Oracle document but can find nothing but Windows recommendation. Should i use that as a base for exclusions (• Oracle datafiles, • Control files, • Redo-log files, • Archived redo-log files if database is in archive log mode, • Files with extension '.ora', • Password file, • Files with extension ' .log' under ORACLE_HOME, • File in ADR directory. . Oracle executables). If i do this what can be scanned without performance impacts?
I also need advice on eBusiness running WebLogics for similar exclusion lists.
Auditing and security are now big ticket items where management is concerned, but they dont want performance impacted as we are a 365*7*24 environment looking after public hospitals state wide.

and we said...

From MOS Note 1494011.1

"Oracle does not certify its software with Third Party Antivirus Software. If using Third Party Antivirus Software you should thoroughly test this yourself to ensure its safe to use. Any issues encountered and raised with support may be required to be reproduced on a server that does not have the Third Party Antivirus Software installed.

Regarding Third Party Antivirus Software installed on database servers, it has been identified that the directories where the Oracle datafiles are stored are not included in the Antivirus software as there could be potential for corruption of performance issues for the database."

But my opinion in a nutshell - if I'm running an antivirus product on my server, I would not let it anywhere near *any* file that is managed by the Oracle database. Because any kind of spurious file locking by the AV software could lead to hangs, errors or even instance crashes.

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