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Connor McDonald

Thanks for the question, Markus.

Asked: June 02, 2022 - 9:46 am UTC

Last updated: June 13, 2022 - 8:52 am UTC

Version: 19

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You Asked

I'm looking for a query to get all objects modified within the last 24 hours. The data dictionary has views like user_objects with usable columns (created, last_ddl_time, timestamp). But there are also views where I didn't find any information when the objects were modified or created. From my research these are:
- user_tab_comments
- user_col_comments
- user_synonyms
- user_tab_grants
- user_code_grants

Do you have any idea how to get the information when user created or modified comments, synonymms or grants???


P.S. For performance reason I don't want to use complex queries against the audit tables, although there should be the information I'm looking for...

and Connor said...

One option would be to grab a log of any object touched by DDL, eg

The other option is AUDIT on any DDL, but you said you didn't want to touch audit tables....

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