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Connor McDonald

Thanks for the question, Zeik.

Asked: November 17, 2021 - 2:45 pm UTC

Last updated: November 19, 2021 - 1:11 am UTC


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You Asked

Hi Team,

I have a disaster recovery scenario using RMAN.

RMAN backup settings:
- Database is backup using RMAN incremental Level 0 every Sunday
- Database is backup using RMAN incremental Level 1 daily (Mon-Sat)
- The archive log is backup every 15 minutes
- Controlfile is configured autobackup in RMAN
- SPFILE is configured autobackup in RMAN
- Backup set is stored in separate backup server storage (SBT)
- Environment is running on Windows x64
- Virtual Machine is backup daily

1. Sunday Level=0 database backup was successful (01:00H)
2. Monday Level=1 database backup was successful (01:00H)
3. Tuesday Level=1 database backup was successful (01:00H)
4. All archivelog backup (15 minutes interval) was successful
5. At around 10AM Tuesday the server crash, and to found out that the
restore point of the server/machine is Monday.
6. The machine was restored based on monday backup.
At this state, the database state is back to Monday
after the machine was successfully restored.

My question, since the database is restored back to Monday state, is it possible to roll forward the database to Tuesday since the date of failure is Tuesday?

What will be the strategy to do?

Thank you AskTom.

and Connor said...

Assuming after restoration your database is up and running, it means the database is at a consistent state (ie, Monday) and thus RMAN will think there is nothing to do, because datafiles and controlfiles are in sync. There should be a couple of options available to you

1) just use archive logs from here

If you issue (with database in mount state)


then this is telling the database that the control file is *not* the current control file, and thus it will start prompting you for archive logs and you can roll forward to whatever time you want

2) restore the control file from your latest backup.

Now the controlfile is no longer in sync with the database and thus a point in time RMAN recovery

RMAN> set until ...

will use backups/archives to bring you to the desired point in time

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