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Connor McDonald

Thanks for the question, Chatura.

Asked: April 28, 2021 - 3:48 pm UTC

Last updated: May 06, 2021 - 4:33 am UTC

Version: 19.1

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You Asked

Is it possible to change the labels of the confirm dialog buttons from “Cancel/Ok” to “No/Yes” in APEX?

and we said...

Take a look at this blog post where someone has covered this in the past

However, once you get the point where you want to start customising a delivered pop-up, it probably makes more sense to create your own popup dialog region to have total control, because generally once you decide to go down the path of hacking away at delivered JS routines, you're setting yourself up for potential problems in future (eg upgrades etc).

Also, check for any plugins that might assist. They too are not supported but at least you're using something then that has more chance of community support.

(HT to Jeff Kemp for his assistance)

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