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  • How to move the Jobs(Present in user_scheduler_jobs table) from one User to another User ,Present in the same DB server


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Connor McDonald

Thanks for the question, vinesh.

Asked: September 21, 2020 - 6:15 pm UTC

Answered by: Connor McDonald - Last updated: October 07, 2020 - 2:20 am UTC

Category: PL/SQL - Version: Oracle Database 11g Release - 64bit

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Very Good Monday Morning !!

The Version of Oracle we use is :

Oracle Database 11g Release - 64bit

No peculiar data or table design requried over here .

This request is on behalf of Data and DB Objects Migration in our project.

we have 2 users by name User_1 and User_2 present in the same DB Server.

Entire Data Migration including table data, procedures,function,views ,sequence etc ....apart from Scheduled jobs has been done.

User_1 has 5 Jobs by name Job_1,Job_2,Job_3 ,Job_4 and Job_5

These Jobs are available under the system table user_scheduler jobs, with their corresponding procedure names, start time ,time of execution, status etc.

Now I would like to move these 5 Jobs into User_2.

Can someone just how to move these jobs from User_1 to User-2 from a PL/SQl Developer Perspective.

Thanks and Regards !!

and we said...


select dbms_metadata.get_ddl('PROCOBJ','YOUR_JOB_NAME') from dual;

which will give you the full DDL for the job in your schema.

This can then be run in any schema you like

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Thank You Note !!

October 06, 2020 - 8:10 am UTC

Reviewer: A reader

Thanks for your solution
Connor McDonald


October 07, 2020 - 2:20 am UTC

glad we could help

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