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Database House Party #2

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June 25

16:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World


Maps and Spatial Analyses: How to use them
The converged Oracle Database lets you store, manage, and query location information. Built-in SQL, REST, Java, and JavaScript APIs with JSON let you analyze addresses, GPS coordinates, coverage areas, territories and other geographic information. The first half of the session will describe the rich set of spatial analysis and spatial application development features of the database. The second half will be a case study of how these features are used in a Marketing Analytics platform that helps identify prospective customers and provide a compelling customer experience.

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Your Experts

Jayant.Sharma, Product Manager
Dr. Jayant Sharma is Director, Spatial Product Management at Oracle . He has over twenty years experience in databases and spatial information systems. He is currently focused on the product strategy, and design, of spatial components for Oracle's database and middleware products, and on applications using these components.
Nick Salem
Nick Salem, Principal Software Architect
Nick Salem is an industry leading expert in database, geo-spatial and application development. He led the development and deployment of Neustar's ElementOne Platform, including designing and building the core framework and key engine components. He holds 18 Oracle Certified Professional / Expert / Specialist credentials in the areas of database administration, performance tuning, security, real application clusters, data warehousing, SQL, PL/SQL and spatial. He currently serves as the Technical Chair on the Oracle Spatial & Graph SIG board and plays an active role in fostering collaboration in the community.