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Database House Party #2

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Time for another database house party!

Data is valued by businesses today everywhere to help make decisions with supply and demand to healthcare and vaccines. Even we use data to decide where to eat! It is a data driven world. Applications today require different data types from relational, document, spatial, graph and workloads for analytics, machine learning, and transactions. It can feel complicated.

We invite you to our second database@home event with a six pack of sessions focusing on data driven applications. We'll kick off the party with a short discussion on how we can use data with our applications and then: a real world example!

Our team has built a microservices architecture based on a food delivery service. We will use this architecture to demonstrate how to load JSON datasets into the Oracle Cloud and use REST to search the data. Next we will use the built-in SQL, Java, and JavaScript APIs to analyze addresses and GPS coordinates all using Oracle’s spatial and graph features. We will complete the party with a discussion on what it means to build modern applications and low-code vs core-dev to building a UI.

Your party favor? Access to hands-on-labs to build your own application!

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Your Experts

Maria Colgan
Maria Colgan, Master Product Manager    
Maria Colgan is a master product manager at Oracle Corporation and evangelist for Oracle Database, which she's worked with since version 7.3. In an earlier life, she was the product manager for Oracle Database In-Memory and the query optimizer.
Tammy Bednar
Tammy Bednar, Senior Director of Product Management, Database Cloud Services    
Tammy works with users of Database Cloud Services to ensure they make the most of these powerful features.