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October 17

14:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World

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Oracle Cloud Free Tier for the APEX Community
This is a special edition of APEX Office Hours. We will be joined by Todd Bottger, Director of Product Management for the free Autonomous Database. Todd is one of the key drivers of Autonomous Database on Oracle Cloud Free Tier and is one of the most knowledge people available on this subject. Todd will provide an overview of Oracle Cloud Free Tier, the free Autonomous Database, and provide a live demonstration of both. We will also address any questions you may have.

Oracle Cloud Free Tier is a huge enabler for the APEX community. We hope you will join us.

Video Highlights:
[2:00] Free Oracle Database Tools for Developers
[7:56] Oracle Cloud Free Tier
[12:35] Always Free - What Is Included?
[16:54] How Was It Implemented?
[19:25] Where Is It Available?
[22:17] How Do I Get It?
[27:37] Is A Credit Card Required to Sign Up?
[29:06] What Happens at End of Trial Period?
[32:00] How Do I Get Oracle Support?
[32:58] Tips and Best Practices
[39:25] What Database Workload Types Are Supported?
[41:05] How Do I Get Started?
[43:43] How Do I Upgrade to a Paid Database?
[43:56] Are There Any Differences Between Always Free and Paid Databases?
[47:45] Q & A

Your Experts

Joel Kallman
Joel Kallman, Vice President of Software Development    
Joel is the Vice President of Software Development at Oracle America, Inc., managing the development and product management of Application Express (APEX). He started working with Oracle Database in 1992 and joined Oracle in 1996. Joel's passion is to make customers extraordinarily successful with the Oracle Database, SQL and Oracle Application Express (APEX). He is a proud alumnus of The Ohio State University, College of Engineering, with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering.
David Peake
David Peake, Senior Principal Product Manager - Application Express    
David joined Oracle in 1993. He spent the first 13 years within Oracle Consulting in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. In 2006, he joined the Product Development team as the Oracle Application Express (APEX) Product Manager. He presents at many conferences around the world including Oracle Openworld, ODTUG KScope, OGh APEX World, DOAG and UKOUG.
Todd Bottger
Todd Bottger, PM Director, Oracle Database Cloud Services - Express and Schema
Todd Bottger is a Product Management Director in the Oracle Database team. He supports Oracle’s low-cost, fully managed cloud database services including Schema Service and Exadata Express. Todd is a frequent speaker at Oracle OpenWorld. Prior to Oracle, he held product management positions at Siebel and Sun. Todd also has helped grow some smaller software companies. He has a B.S. in Computer Science from Brigham Young University and an MBA from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. Join Todd at Oracle Dev Gym and in PM Office Hours to learn more about entry-level cloud services that help diverse organizations across the globe get started in Oracle Database Cloud quickly and easily.