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JSON in Oracle Database Office Hours

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May 09, 2023

17:00 UTC   Start Times Around the World

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JSON Schema in Oracle Database 23c
This session focusses on JSON Schema in Oracle Database, especially the new 23c developer (free) release

00:00 - 01:16 Intro
01:17 - 02:59 JSON Schema Intro
03:00 - 06:49 JSON Schema in Oracle Database
06:50 - 07:17 JSON Schema vovabulary for common database use cases
07:18 - 10:10 JSON Dataguide
10:10 - 17:12 JSON Schema validation using IS JSON
17:13 - 20:19 JSON Schema as SQL Domain
20:20 - 23:08 DATE and other types in JSON, JSON Schema and the database
23:09 - 25:55 DBMS_JSON_SCHEMA.is_valid to get validation error as JSON document
25:56 - 28:50 Binary JSON (OSON) support for extended data types
28:51 - 30:26 Extended JSON (eJSON)
30:27 - 40:39 Demo: JSON Schema CAST mode to convert data types
40:40 - 44:05 New dictionary views for JSON schema
44:06 - 51:33 Describe database objects (e.g. tables) with JSON Schema
51:34 - End Outro

Your Experts

    Beda Hammerschmidt

    Beda Hammerschmidt   

    Beda is a developer (and self-proclaimed developer advocate) in the JSON team. Ask him anything JSON.