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August 20, 2020

17:30 UTC   Start Times Around the World

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The Exadata sandwich, Linux image, and OEDA
Lessons learned and ongoing challenges building an engineered system, from re-spinning an operating system to building an install-able solution. With Krish Telikicherla and his team.

00:34 Krish and team introduction
01:56 Gavin: Krish’s team at core of engineered systems
03:24 Krish: How deploying Exadata in Cloud differs from on-premises
03:59 Q: Compare your team to a typical software development team
06:56 Q: What is the relationship between Exachk and OEDA?
10:12 Q: How do new technologies get incorporated?
10:42 Secure Fabric
12:12 The interplay between best practices and innovation
14:15 Q: Best Practices: how implemented and enforced?
16:01 Customizations versus upgrades
16:50 Q: Customizations on Exadata on premises
18:42 Understanding risk
19:34 Exadata storage cells not customizable
19:49 Upgrades can get rolled back
20:12 Containers on Exadata DB nodes
20:58 Q: Role of Krish’s team in security
22:38 Q: What are challenges of assembling a new release?
24:54 Great cooperation with other teams to get all technologies integrated
25:47 Secure boot
27:22 Implications to Exadata manufacturing
28:22 Differences between on-premises and at-customer Exadata
29:29 Q: What was the evolution of taking Exadata into the Cloud?
32:25 Q: Is OEDA a directory in the Exadata server?
33:13 KVM, Xen, InfiniBand, and RoCE
34:00 Q: Best practices on premises versus on @Cloud at Customer?
34:42 Customer changes and Cloud@Customer management
35:15 Closing remarks

Your Experts

    Cris Pedregal

    Cris Pedregal

    Cris Pedregal joined Oracle as a senior developer in 2005, working on the design and development of high availability functionality, compression, and the initial cloud deployments of the Oracle Database. In product management he launched product features and evangelized Oracle technologies. He also managed company-wide technical relationships with key external partners, including a major cloud computing company and CERN. Before Oracle Cris was on the Computer Science faculty at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. He speaks one language with 2.5 accents.
    Gavin Parish

    Gavin Parish   

    Gavin is a product manager in Oracle’s Exadata team, with a focus on Exadata’s software and hardware roadmap. Prior to the Exadata team, Gavin was a founding member of the team responsible for launching the industry’s first on-premises public cloud technology - Oracle Cloud at Customer. In his 15 years in Oracle Product Management, Presales and Consulting roles, Gavin has developed a robust understanding of all things Oracle, helping customers architect and implement a variety of infrastructure and application technologies.
    Krishnadev Telikicherla

    Krishnadev Telikicherla

    Krishnadev Telikicherla is a Director of Development for Oracle.